Welcome to Beancounters!

Welcome to the internet home of Louisiana’s newest accounting and tax services company, BEANCOUNTERS!

Yes, as accountants we consume a lot of coffee, hence the name!  Stop by anytime for a fresh cup – and let us help you and your business.

Why BEANCOUNTERS?  Because we are accountants with a sense of humor. Tired of humorless accountants? Let us bring a smile to your face as we deliver our bill for services. Okay, seriously…

Our principal accountants have combined experience of over 60 years in corporate finance and accounting and even more years of personal income tax preparation – you’ll have the confidence that BEANCOUNTERS will keep your finances and books in order with no hassles. Wait, I don’t have a joke for this line.

We are committed to providing excellent, accurate and wryly witty service at reasonable prices.  No job too big – no job too small for BEANCOUNTERS! Unless you actually want us to count beans, then we’ll politely decline.

Call us today – we are waiting to help you! Frankly we are waiting, even if you don’t want or need the help.

(337) 456-2400

1203 Westgate Road, Suite 4

Lafayette, LA  70506